February 2017 – Cupid Run Day!


This Month’s Awareness Day is February 18th, and it’s “Cupid’s Run Day.” Cupid’s a “brief” mile-ish run in which the participants strip down to their underwear to have a blast & benefit Children’s Tumor Foundation’s work in ending Neurofibromatosis. NF causes tumors to grow on nerves throughout the body. There is not a cure or treatment. [Read more…]

January 2017 – Mattie Day!

January 30th is MATTIE DAY!! Mattie is a little girl – about 13 pounds, thought to be about 3-4 years old and a possible shih tzu/cocker spaniel mix. She was found with 2 other dogs (her adult puppies?) several months ago. She’s a sweet girl who loves all people, gets along with other dogs, and is not as curious about cats as she once was. Mattie loves to go – on walks and car rides. She is visually impaired but independent. [Read more…]

December 2016 – Pet Food Drive

We are sponsoring a pet food drive for the companion animals of the homeless in our area. We’ll be collecting food to distribute to hungry dogs – & other pets, if we see them! We will also donate a portion of our year end fees to restock our food supply. [Read more…]

November 2016 – Scarf Bomb Jax Day!

Happy Birthday to Michelle Chance Sangthong!! We are celebrating Michelle, and her grass roots volunteer group, Scarf Bomb Jax, by donating our pet sitting and dog walking fees to help warm people with new scarves, hats and gloves. [Read more…]

October 2016 – For Kim

Jacksonville lost it’s Protector of Older Pets last week when Kim Stordahl passed. She, along with her husband, owned Purrs ‘n Woofs Pet Sitting. Kim also founded and was president of The Old Dog House, NE Florida’s first nonprofit, 5019(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to giving older and senior dogs a second chance at life. 
Kim was featured on WJCT’s Closing the Loop in March of this year. Below is some of that interview:
We routinely trade in our phones and computers for newer models … but that happens, more than anyone will admit, with pets.
“Puppies and kittens are king. Everybody wants bright, shiny and new. I think a lot of the hesitancy in adopting an older animal – or keeping your older animal – is dealing with death. We have a hard time dealing with death, not just with our pets, but with our families.” [Read more…]

September 2016 – Foster & Save a Life!

If  you can’t adopt – FOSTER.

If you can’t foster – SPONSOR.

If you can’t sponsor – VOLUNTEER.

If you can’t volunteer – DONATE.

If you can’t donate – EDUCATE, NETWORK  AND CROSSPOST.

We are dedicating September to the foster dogs at Pet Rescue North.  If you have fostered or currently foster, thank you!!  If you haven’t but would like to know more about it, please read on.  PRN always has dogs in need of a foster or forever home and some of the dogs who are currently in need are pictured below. If you have any questions or would like to foster, please contact Peggy at or (904) 477-1000.

From our friends at PRN: [Read more…]

July 2016 – Stray Cat Day


In 2013, the Humane Society estimated the number or feral cats in the US to be 50 million. That number is overwhelming. Like a lot of people in Jacksonville, and many of our clients, we do what we can to support strays /ferals / neighborhood cats. Our family provides care and love to a cat colony. [Read more…]

August 2016 – Pets of the Homeless Day

Pets of the Homeless is the only national organization focused completely on feeding and providing emergency medical care to pets of the homeless. They have hundreds of pet food donation site members who collect pet food & supplies. They work on the local level to distribute to the homeless and disadvantaged. [Read more…]

June 2016 – Catty Shack Ranch Day

catty Shack pic

                         Wednesday, June 29th is CATTY SHACK RANCH DAY!

The Catty Shack Ranch Sanctuary is a “501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a safe, loving for endangered big cats, and to educate the public about their plight in the wild and captivity”. [Read more…]

May 2016 – Children’s Tumor Foundation Day

Tony Reggae Disney

                                                                                May is NF Awareness Month!
Neurofibromatosis has been affecting our family longer than we knew what NF was. Tony was diagnosed with his first brain tumor in 1987 and had surgery to remove part of the fist sized tumor soon after. We were newly weds and Tony was 22 years old. Tony suffered physical losses due to that surgery but we were hopeful that the part of the tumor remaining on the brain stem would be very slow growing or not grow at all so surgery would not be required a gain. As more tumors were found and surgeries needed, Tony was diagnosed with NF2, which causes tumors to grow anywhere throughout the body. [Read more…]