imageNickee Mixon
Co-Owner, Creatures Great & Small

Nickee Mixon is the co-owner of Creatures Great & Small, as well as a pet sitter, dog walker & dog runner. She has always loved animals but didn’t have pets as a young child due to growing up in a military family and  traveling overseas.

 As an adult, Nickee made up for lost time!  She has experience with a wide variety of animals including dogs, cats, horses, birds, goats, rabbits, and orphaned wildlife. She has been a volunteer at a local animal shelter, always has at least one foster at home, is active in spay/neuter/release and has many pets of her own.

She provides the same high quality care for others pets that she does for her own. While it’s difficult to name the best thing about pet sitting, being rewarded through the animals and people she’s gotten to know is near the top!


Tony Mixon
Co-Owner, Creatures Great & Small

Tony Mixon, co-owner of Creatures Great & Small, also grew up in a military family. After his Dad retired, he and his family moved to a small farm in Georgia where he loved being outdoors and playing sports.

Tony and Nickee met at Georgia Southern University and married in 1986.  They will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary in September!

After working in group homes for adolescents in South Carolina and South Florida, they settled in Jacksonville in 1993. It’s been home ever since!

Tony shares Nickee’s love of animals and is also a “people person”. He’s often found behind the scenes doing “whatever needs to be done”. He says that CGS was started by Nickee as a way to help provide for our animals but has progressed into our way of life.

Porcher Mixon
Pet Sitter & Dog Walker

Porcher became a Junior Pet Sitter when she was 7 years old. She accompanied her Mom, Nickee, on pet sits for several years and the pets always received a double dose of TLC!

Porcher’s now in college and is well experienced in meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations. Animals have always been a huge part of her life. She’s the proud Mom of  “Pudge”, a Boston Terrier and now also, “Layla”, a black lab.  Both pups are rescues from Pet Rescue North.